It is a call

Do you feel called by the Sacred Feminine?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?

Do you live with hidden secrets or dreams?

Have you lost sight of your soul's intention?

Do you feel a lack of Harmony, of Joy with yourself and your relationships?

Do you struggle to be yourself in all situations?

Do you feel ready to step out of that comfort zone and make your dreams come true?

Are you ready to overcome the fear of setting in motion the transformative energy that will lead you to the best version of life that is planned for you?

If you want to discover yourself in-depth, in order to bring Love, Compassion and Unity into your life, it is because you are ready to walk on the healing path of the "Council of the Elders of the 13 Moons" and to dance with the "13 Original Mothers”.

Webinar with Q&A with Marion Junet (association "Les Plumes Dorées")

The Council of Elders, presentation for this new cycle of 2023

The Council of the Elders of the 13 Moons is a teaching which was shared orally in several Native American tribes for many generations. However, it does not belong to any culture, tradition or religion.

The Council predates these concepts. It dates from the Age of Fire. It would have been offered to Earth by Grandmother Moon, so that Women can regain their primary function of being the Guardians of the values ​​that maintain Life on Earth through the Universal Sacred Laws. Thirteen Guardians would then have been sent to Earth, like prophetesses to bring us this Wisdom.

With each new Moon, the journey with each of them allows us to come into contact with its Truth which

contains all the Truths.

The Guardians invite us to become who we deeply are and to realise our sacred dreams, accompanying us with Love, Gentleness and Compassion to share the concepts of Unity, Love and Equanimity for Eternity.

They encourage us to go beyond our limits, those that prevent us from focusing on our life and soul intention. They invite us to return to Unity with our being in its entirety, in the acceptance of what we are and what we are not.

This path of self-recognition leads us to recognise all forms of life as part of a larger whole.

It is a path of healing for our inner child who finds the Joy of being pure and magical.

It is by reconnecting with this deep Joy that we learn to be in the magic of the present moment, to transcend our being and to shine.

Through taking our power back and being responsible we can create life in our image and bring back all the self-recognition that we have sought so much outside of us.

Testimonial from Marion

living in Barcelona

This is the path of healing for the inner and outer couple.

It is the way of reconciliation and forgiveness in oneself and around oneself.

It is the encounter with the Healer, the Creator, the Storyteller, the Visionary, the Lover, the Weaver, the Sage, the Priestess, the Witch, the Magician, and many other facets of the Sacred Feminine.

It is a way of reconnecting with the Moon and with all the rites of Women that we have lost, essential for our well-being to find the unity within us and between us.

It is our responsibility to walk on a path of Transformation and Sorority.

So that Beauty shines in oneself, in order to receive it, to diffuse it and to share it, for our Earth, for our people and to be one with the whole Universe.


Each of us has a responsibility to recognise the gift that has been offered to us and which will allow us to be part of this great web which weaves the pattern and the design of the world and of humanity...

For the 7 generations to come.

Testimonial from Lucie

living in Australia

Carine Dancing Wolf Woman Baktunawi received these teachings 17 years ago from a Medicine Woman who herself received them from a mixed-race Native. She walked 7 years before sharing them. At the same time, Jamie Sams’s book "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" came out, it is great in supporting the integration of the teachings received.

For many years Baktunawi has told us that she does not have enough space to convey everything she wishes to transmit. 

By walking alongside the Guardians, the teachings become more and more dense. The various transmissions of her elders and her integrative movements make this path increasingly rich. This is why, driven by the energies of the moment and the energy of our dear Guardians of the "Council of Elders of the 13 Moons", Baktunawi and the association of the "Golden Feathers" wish to give access to these precious and magical teachings as many women as possible, through new forms.




Registrations are open until the Full Moon in January 2023

(7th January)


Each month :

  • You will have access to the Teachings of the “13 Grandmothers” by Baktunawi via your member's area as well the ceremonies, rituals, daydreams. Each teaching will be unlocked after the monthly Women's Circle. The teachings are in video format, with English subtitles, the daydreams are rituals are available in English.

  • A monthly live meeting via Zoom, for a sharing circle with Marion or Alexandra (Baktunawi might be present during some circles)

Choice of Dates for the Circles

The circles will be held by Marion or Alexandra.

The duration is approximately between 3 and 4 hours per Circle.

Depending on the number of participants, certain dates may be removed or added.

The 1st circle is the only one you can miss.

Beginning from December 15th for the intention circles.

Once booked we'll ask you to let us know your availability for the monthly sharing circle for the following dates:

Week of the 23rd of January

Week of the 20th of February

Week of the 20th of March

Week of the 24th of April

Week of the 22nd of May

Week of the 19th of June

Week of the 17th of July

Week of the 14th of August

Week of the 18th of September

Week of the 16th of October

Week of the 13th of November

Week of the 11th of December

Week of the 18th of December

Please note the teachings will be available for 1 year in your member's area.

Bonuses :

. For those who will ever feel the call to transmit, it will give you the whole framework with great precision.

. A supportive Facebook group throughout the year with loads more available...

. The possibility of following the lessons at your own pace and listening to them again at will for 1 year.


In April during the Vision Quest Retreat, you will have the opportunity to discover the Tiyoweh ceremony which is an integral part of the Council of the Elders of the 13 Moons.


+ Sharing circle once a month via Zoom

€ 1,287 over 13 months (possibility to pay monthly)

The commitment is for 13 moons, with no possible refund after the 1st month.

For young women (14/21 years old, students or unemployed), women of wisdom (senior who have a small pension or a disability) or women in difficult situation, please contact us directly here



Your payment includes 20 € for the membership of the "Golden Feather" association.

This membership is a one-time payment and is valid for the current year.


Commitment is a strong and a central notion in the Council of the Elders of the 13 Moons.

If you feel like you don't belong with the "Council of the Elders of the 13 Moons", you have 30 days to opt-out.

(only the 1st month will be refunded).

Let's unite around our

Mother Earth so that we can

create a world based on love,

respect and authenticity.